Master’s program “Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations” at the Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, SLU

The programme covers different aspects of the management of fish and wildlife, but also international laws and conventions with regard to fish and wildlife, scientific theory and methods. The first year consists of four coordinated courses: Fish and Wildlife Census Techniques, Applied Population Ecology, Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife Management, Fish and Wildlife Management. During the second year the programme also includes an individual Masters thesis (30 or 60 credits (ECTS) project work), and time for optional choices of courses.


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Your thesis

Here you will find information about the current thesis or master's programs that are available within the project. There are several issues which today are either lacking knowledge or where there is a need to increase knowledge. Some examples are the interactions between moose and its habitat, then questions about how moose use their environment with respect to their use of resources. Other areas of research where there is a need for increased knowledge is moose behaviour under migration such as starta and end of migration, what migration route they choose, and distance animals migrate ? With the new technology and the amount of data collected, there are great opportunities for new approaches to previously used methods to address ecological questions.

Own ideas for projects can be discussed. Those who have an idea for a thesis are advised to contact Goran Ericsson.
Contact us vy e-mail or phone if you would like to have more information about the current thesis or master's program.



Current thesis projects within the thematic program Wildlife & Forestry 

1) Residues from forest logging - forage availability and utilization by ungulates 


2) Can adapted precommercial thinning help minimize wildlife damage to forest?


3) Wildlife-adapted roadside clearing as a forage production measure for ungulates


4) Can clearing around mature oaks increase wildlife forage production?



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